What is RSS and how can it help you?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and enables readers to view the news from their favorite Web sites in a single place and an easy format.

As there are now billions of web pages on the internet, keeping up to date with your favourite websites can be a time consuming business. Up until now you will have had to click from site to site to find the information that you want.

But now you can have all the latest news delivered directly to your computer using a clever service called RSS.

Most people use "feed readers" (also called an "aggregator" or "news aggregator") to view RSS feeds. News articles show up in a feed reader much like the way emails show up in an email client.

For more information, read What is RSS.

Why Subscribe?
When you subscribe to our RSS feed, you'll be alerted when we add new reviews to our site without needing to visit our website. The feed will occasionally check our website for updates and let you know if anything has been added or updated. RSS feeds ensure your privacy (unlike newsletters, you won't need to provide us with your e-mail address to use this service) while saving you some time!

How do I use RSS?
You can subscribe to our RSS feed a few different ways. Most modern web browsers (Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer) support feed subscription, but there are also many free RSS feed readers available on the web (e.g. FeedReader, SharpReader, AmphetaDesk, NewsGator, RSS Bandit, Google Reader). RSS feed readers are generally recommended over browsers because they support more types of feed data, allow greater user customization and other features. You can browse RSS feeds in a manner similar to reading incoming e-mail messages.

There are many different RSS clients available. The following is a list of typically used RSS feed aggregators that you may find useful.

RSS Bandit
Google Reader

For a complete list of feed readers / aggregators please visit: hebig.org or wikipedia.org.

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